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No more social distancing thanks to Cummings

Is social distancing a thing of the past now? REUTERS/Steven Watt

Cummings has become a liability for Boris Johnson and his support will wane as the disdain Cummings has for parliament and the civil service is not forgotten by those who want his back.

Johnson’s popularity has dramatically fallen because of his gross mishandling of the virus crisis and the honeymoon after the election and his illness is over.

Johnson  relies far too much on the judgment of his inner circle but the cracks are appearing in his science team and if BJ continues to exercise his limited powers of good judgment he will fall out with the population.

Already the social distancing is over if one goes around London where the young people do not give a toss thanks to Cummings who believes in herd immunity. So if your are old this is not a country for you!


One law for rulers one for subjects

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