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The rejection of the Annan plan was a huge mistake

An excellent summary of our problem in RoC, which is a society stagnated in a political dream based on mythical and unworkable illusions.

Our naive and ignorant politicians have from the birth of the Republic, followed an ideology of disaster which culminated in 1974.

But despite this debacle, our electorate continued to support politicians with the same unworkable agenda and strategy, perfectly exposed with the rejection of the Annan plan in 2004, a huge mistake, which made us look as an unreliable EU partner among most EU members.

As Mr Panayiotides so correctly put it “Today, the EU sees Cyprus as a headache and an obstacle in the management of its relationship with a strategic player in the area”.

It seems that we’ll never learn from past mistakes.


Pressing need to revise our strategy on national problem

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