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Trade not the main reason why crossings should open

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Whilst I of course feel for all traders on both sides that are suffering, its not about trade and in fact opening up the crossings was never about trade, shops, cafes’s etc. It may well help to bridge social divide and that is good but the whole reason to open crossings is one of a move towards longer term social interaction, breaking down barriers and hopefully a stepping stone towards full integration of both sides.

The initial closure of the Cyprus side was sudden and it seems was without consultation. Perhaps that was wrong in that some consultation should have taken place but the reasons in part were justified in order to limit the potential threat of virus spread in both communities.

As the north has a lot of Iranian students and sadly Iran was hit hard with the virus, many of the reasons were justified and indeed not much later the TC side closed the remaining open borders.

Both sides need to review and work together to open up the corssings.

But to conclude, this article is very focused on the effect on trade, that is not the issue nor the intended reason in the first place for opening up.

No mention of families across the divide for instance, that impact is far more important.


‘The crossings have to open’

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