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Coronavirus: latest stats showed one third of cases had no symptoms

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As of June 2, a total of 84.1 per cent of people infected with coronavirus had recovered, 20 per cent of whom were health care workers, a surveillance report on Covid-19 published by the health ministry on Thursday outlined.

The median age of cases was 45 years old, while 50.2 per cent who tested positive were male and 49.8 per cent were female.

Broken down by age group, 6.4 per cent were infants, children and adolescents (61 cases), 69.5 per cent which were adults aged 18-59 (662 cases) and 24.1 per cent aged 60 and above (229 cases).

The data was compiled as of June 2 where the number of cases were 952 and there were a total of 24 deaths either from or with coronavirus.

According to the report, 20 per cent of cases were health care workers of which 4.1 per cent were physicians, 10.1 per cent were nurses, 1.4 per cent in other health occupations and 4.4 per cent were auxiliary staff.

Where hospital care is concerned, the median age was higher, at 62 years old, and 64.9 per cent were males. In total, 18.5 per cent of all cases (176) received hospital care but 81.9 per cent (144 patients) were discharged from the hospital. The median length of stay in ICU was 11 days and 10.5 days for those who died in ICU. The median age of patients admitted to ICU was 65.5 years old.

The figures by district show Nicosia had the highest percentage of cases with 38.8 per cent, followed by Larnaca at 25.8 per cent, Paphos at 16.9 per cent, Limassol with 11.6 per cent, Famagusta with 4.6 per cent and 2.4 per cent at the British bases or had a residence abroad or information was not available.

Aradippou in Larnaca had a cluster with 13.2 per cent of cases.


The report outlined that the place of exposure to the virus was available for 84.8 per cent of the cases. A total of 17.4 per cent of cases had a history of travel or residence abroad during the 14 days prior to their symptoms. The cases mostly had a direct link to the UK and Greece.

Locally acquired infections occurred in 82.7 per cent through close contacts of confirmed cases, while 8.6 per cent were linked to the Paphos general hospital.

Of all cases in Aradippou 65.9 per cent were locally-acquired, 7.9 per cent were imported and for 26.2 per cent the epidemiological link was not recorded at the moment.

The report outlined that 33.2 per cent of people reported no symptoms and 66.8 per cent reported at least one symptom. They were most commonly cough (33.8 per cent), fever (32.1 per cent), myalgia (21.8 per cent), sore throat (17.1 per cent), anosmia (13 per cent) and shortness of breath (11.8 per cent). Other reported symptoms were diarrhoea, runny nose, and headache. The figures were a result of 98.5 per cent of cases.

Most asymptomatic cases were in people aged 10-19, marking 47.7 per cent, followed by the age group 20-29 at 41.2 per cent.

A total of 120,298 tests were performed as of June 2 (13,734.2 per 100,000 population).

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