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Jellyfish spotted off the island’s east coast

The mauve stinger jellyfish

The department of fisheries and marine research released a new warning on Friday after the appearance of jellyfish on the east coast of the island.

The announcement calls for the public to remain vigilant and, if possible, to avoid swimming in those areas.

Ten days ago the department issued a warning that jellyfish had been spotted off the north and north-eastern coast and said there was a possibility they would show up in the sea off other areas.

This specific jellyfish is called Pelagia noctiluca, commonly known as mauve stinger. Its sting can cause pain that might last up to one or two weeks.

Symptoms include local redness, swelling and a rash. However, the announcement assure it is generally not dangerous and there are no known fatalities so far in the world caused by the mauve stinger.

Nevertheless, in case of a sting, the department advised to rinse the area thoroughly specifically with sea water, without rubbing it and to remove any tentacle residue using a plastic card, a piece of wood or a pair of tweezers.

In case of more serious stings, the public is advised to use cortisone cream on the affected area and to inform the lifeguards.

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