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Asylum seeker remanded after fake ID found (updated)

A 34-year-old asylum seeker was remanded for three-days by Paphos district court on Saturday after a friend tried to open a bank account for him using a fake ID.

According to police, the friend went to a bank on May 26 and attempted to open a bank account for the 34-year-old using a Latvian ID card, a rental contract, and a work certificate.

The friend presented the documents to the teller and when the teller went to copy the documents the individual disappeared, leaving behind the documents, police said.

The teller then filed a complaint with police on June 3 and the documents were seized as evidence.

Police said initially the documents looked to be fake, as on the back of the ID there was writing claiming it was a souvenir and its use was not authorised.

During their investigation with the migration department, police found the 34-year-old was seeking political asylum and his application was under review.

The court issued arrest warrants for the 34-year-old and the friend.

On Friday police arrested the friend, who denied any involvement in the case. Police said the friend claimed to have gone to the bank to open the account because the 34-year-old asked him to as he did not speak Greek.

Police released the friend without being charged in writing.

Authorities then arrested the 34-year-old.

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