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Fear is the real deadly virus

Time to drop some truth bombs: the surreal, dystopian landscape we now inhabit – lockdowns (house arrest), contact tracing (mass surveillance) and ‘social distancing’ (social alienation) – could never have happened without our consent.

For all the talk of Orwellian government overreach, had enough of us simply said “No”, the powers-that-be wouldn’t have pulled it off. Like it or not, you’re an accessory to the unfolding tyranny and dismantling of civil liberties. Yes, you.

It took but a few weeks for those in authority – and the ‘sages’ advising them – to condition the vast majority of people (avoiding here the other word that rhymes) into accepting the ‘new norm’. We’re being trained to fear and mistrust our fellow human beings, maybe even tattle tell on them should they fall foul of the guidelines; acclimated to living in a permanent emergency, where the colour-coded state of alert lets us know how afraid – and how compliant – we should be on any given day.

Within weeks most of us unquestioningly fell for the sick, toxic premise that goes like this: don’t mingle because you MIGHT catch the Covid; MIGHT get infectious; MIGHT pass it on to others; they MIGHT develop symptoms; and they MIGHT die.

Ask yourself: in the course of your lifetime how many people did you personally make ill or perhaps even accidentally ‘murder’ by giving them a communicable disease, like the flu? Chances are you’ve got a ‘rap sheet’ two inches thick. Yes, you. No use denying it. And yet you never gave it a second thought. Nor should you. Because it’s a part of life. Life without risk isn’t life.

Except with Covid Mania someone flipped a switch, you zoned out and went into herd mode – “We’re all in this together” – declaring jihad on Risk and it’s evil sidekick Death itself. You bought into the idea of the ‘rogue spreader’ lurking in the shadows – that selfish lowlife who wants to kill Grandma by disobeying government diktats and peer pressure to “stay home.” The ultimate guilt trip. And all because they told you Covid was some special, exotic, apocalyptic disease. Except it’s nothing of the kind and the data prove it’s not.

Because it’s not about Covid. Or lockdown. As fascistic as it was, lockdown is so-yesterday, the least of your concerns going forward. But it did soften you up for the coming Panopticon of contact tracing, or the nonstop stream of arbitrary technocratic regulations regimenting your everyday behaviour – today six feet apart, three feet tomorrow, a maximum of 10 persons (not 9, not 11) per gathering. Because 10 is a nice round number with a ‘sciency’ feel to it. Take it on faith, follow the protocols.

Still aloof? Ok. You’re reprogrammed to tolerate getting swabbed for Covid when you travel. Which means abiding with the twisted concept that you’re guilty until proven innocent; needing to prove your good health status to go about your business. You, Citizen, are now a suspect a priori, by default, unless you show otherwise. How long before this insidious ideation bleeds into other facets of life?

Conspiracy theory? As I type, authorities in Minnesota are using contact tracing apps to track rioters there. See where this is going?

Over in Italy they’re hiring 60,000 contact tracers (snitches) and also elsewhere like in Britain and the United States.

Those who surrender freedom for ‘safety’ deserve neither. Know that you are but mere quislings, useful idiots, marionettes aiding and abetting the social engineers. They don’t even need to exert themselves much – you’re doing all the heavy lifting for them. What’s it going to take for you to wake up?

You need to reject the very ideas underpinning the ‘It’s for your own protection’ meme. Repudiate the group-think, shake off the fear – for fear is the true deadly virus. Do it or kiss your liberties bye-bye. This game is for all the marbles. Up to you.

D.A. Larnaca

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