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Does Cyprus really want tourists?

Are any tourists likely to travel to Cyprus? Are hoteliers likely to open their doors?

Firstly the extra costs for tourists travelling to Cyprus are going to put people off.

So far I was only aware of a €35 surcharge to COVID-19 proof hire cars.

Now tourists are looking at detention at the airport until COVID-19 tests have been processed and are to be charged for the priviledge…… and the resuts may take 24 hours.

High risk Brits, Russians and Swedes, I can understand, but if If I am arriving on a sterilized plane, from a low risk country, why would I allow myself to be subject to this nonsense?

Secondly why would any hotel open for business? The rules for doing so are onerous and they will be sitting targets for the authorities who will be controlling the new rules and regulations.

Does Cyprus want tourists or not?


Coronavirus: plans to cater for ‘Covid tourists’ being finalised


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