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Female turtle released back to the sea, male dies

Elpida on her way back to the sea

The fisheries department announced on Friday that a young female green sea turtle who was named Elpida and was found last week with fishing line stuck in her throat, was released back into the water after being treated.


Another green sea turtle, a male named Dias, which was found on May 26 on Kiti beach in a lethargic state, sadly did not make it and passed away.

Dias was found very dehydrated and weak, weighing just 61kg instead of the usual 80kg to 85kg according to his size. His body was also infested with turtle leeches.

The two turtles were treated at the Marine Aquaculture Research Centre (CyMARC) in Meneou, which also operates as a turtle rescue centre.

According to the fisheries department, Elpida was rescued by amateur fishermen on June 8 in the Zygi sea area with fishing line in her oral cavity.

The young turtle was taken to CyMARC where the experts removed tangled fishing wire blocking her oesophagus. The turtle was then placed in a tank at the rescue centre where she was given the necessary medication and vitamins.

After her recovery, “with full ability to swim, dive and feed, she was transported to the beach and returned, healthy, to the sea.”

The fisheries department thanked the amateur fishermen for their sensitivity and for acting immediately to help the young turtle.

As regards Dias, the fisheries department said that he “sadly, did not have the same happy ending.”

“Despite the efforts made by the staff, his health condition did not improve and eventually passed away,” it said.

Taken the opportunity, the fisheries department urged people and especially the users of sea boats to be very careful during this period, since sea turtles are in the coastal and shallow waters for their reproductive activity.

“This makes them particularly vulnerable to blows by boats or propellers, as they are not very active and they like to rest on the surface of the sea,” it said.

CyMARC. It said, participates in the “Life Euroturtles” EU programme through which actions are implemented aimed at reducing the annual deaths of sea turtles.

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