Cyprus Mail

Clouds of midges plague Larnaca

Strong growth of algae has led to increased swarms of midges

By Becky Kammitsi

Larnaca municipality health services announced on Monday that the number of non-biting midges has increased because of the increased algae in the waters of Alykes and the below 30-degree temperatures of the previous month.

These insects look like mosquitoes but do not bite people or suck blood. They do not cause illnesses, but they might cause allergic reactions to sensitive people, the municipality said.

Non-biting midges are almost impossible to fight with the permitted biological preparations in protected areas due to their larvae growing at the bottom of lakes. They multiply in lakes with a rich organic load.

The insects emerge from the lakes and gather in huge formations, living only for three to five days during which they do not feed but are attracted at night by light sources, especially white light.

People can take their own measures to reduce the nuisance of these insects especially those who live in areas surrounding Alykes.

Measures include avoiding turning on outdoor lights on buildings, verandas and entrances that shine towards the side of the lake, replace white lights with yellow lights, place dense wire mesh on outside doors and windows, close shutters and curtains at and the use of electric insecticide devices. Restaurants and hotels that have outdoor dining areas should avoid the use of white lights and placing tables for customers under lamps.


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