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What international demonstrations took place when PC Blakelock was murdered?

The Broadwater Farm Estate where PC Blakelock wass killed

People have suffered for generations but have but little if anything has been done about it.

A black criminal is callously killed by a white police officer in the US and those people have suddenly found inspiration and exported it?

Why did they not kick-off when Stephen Lawrence was killed by white youths in UK? Why did they not react when Damilola Taylor was killed? The list is endless, but the reaction is the same – nothing unless it suits them.

As a reverse view, what international demonstrations took place when PC Blakelock was killed by black youths on the Broadwater Farm Estate? NONE!!!

All of these events were “on the receiving end of racism” so why suddenly does it all matter?

Last point – “Black Lives Matter” on the back of all Premier League (at least) football shirts but not allowed to put the poppylast November for Remembrance Sunday?

The poppy was to commemorate the loss of life in the victory over the nastiness of Nazism and all of the that came with it.

How on earth do the losses of WWII equate to the actions against George Floyd?


A storm in a coffee cup or really racist branding? (with video)

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