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Easyjet says July flights from London to Cyprus are full

Easyjet confirmed on Tuesday that flights from London to Cyprus, mainly in July, were mostly sold out, as the Cyprus Mail reported on Monday. But the airline added that flight capacity would vary – meaning that a full flight might not have all seats sold out – varying demand is the issue.

An Easyjet spokesperson added: “All airlines will have more flights remaining in their schedule this summer than they will know for certain will be operated. This is due to the extraordinary situation around the pandemic along with no confirmation currently about how measures like quarantine will affect flights.

“We are writing to customers to update them on the status of their flights. Wherever possible we are trying to accommodate our customers so they can travel this summer. All customers will be contacted at least 21 days before their flight with their options. Where their flight is cancelled customers will be entitled to a refund.

“We are sorry for this uncertainty and want to reassure customers that we will keep them informed.”

Easyjet will carefully apply safety measures on all its flights.

Face masks are now mandatory and the company says you will not be permitted to board if you arrive at the gate without one.

Once passengers are past the gate and on-board, a number of further changes have been made to the usual flying experience.

When it’s time to fly, passengers will observe that boarding and disembarkation may be different in order to maintain the safety of all.

Once onboard, passengers will need to stow their own cabin baggage and close the overhead lockers themselves.

Larger bags may make this more difficult, so passengers are encouraged to check these in to the hold. The cabin crew will be managing use of the toilet facilities.

Initially, there will be no Bistro or Boutique service onboard, but drinking water will be available on request.



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