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Asked for a parking receipt, but traffic warden ordered me to pay or leave

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I had an argument about receipts with the owner of a car park (a muddy former house plot) in Nicosia.

He’s charging €3 for up to 2 hours, but he never issues a receipt. When I asked for one, he replied along the lines of “if you want a receipt, park somewhere else”.

My response was, “I will park here for free if you don’t give me a receipt”. Then along came one of those traffic wardens on a moped, and after 5 minutes of being chastised loudly and publicly by both the owner AND the traffic warden, I was told that I would be ticketed if I didn’t leave (not sure that’s enforceable for a private plot).
I told the warden I only wanted a receipt, to which she shrugged and said “pay the man, or leave”. It was only later that it occured to me they’re probably all in cahoots!


€1.5bn in tax arrears are still due to the state

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