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Cyprus’ reputation as a tourist destination is already tarnished

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No doubt there will be some tourists though the quantity is unlikely to stave off many businesses being unable to continue.

I would guess that the Cyprus Tourism Product has, in this matter, dealt itself a severe blow. Despite the cry from many quarters in Cyprus to focus on quality and not numbers the measure of success has continued to be a ‘bums on seats’ metric, with little attention to tourists level of spend.

Consequently a large proportion of visitors has been from the bottom end of the income scale wanting as much as possible for as little as possible and who do little more than burn on the beach by day and drink themselves to oblivion by night. Many of these people post-COVID19 will have little money, limited job prospects and be more interested in bill/rent payment than holidays.

Cyprus has been ruined for many more discerning tourists who may have more spending power and they are unlikely to want to visit the island with its widely tarnished reputation any time soon.


Deputy tourism ministry publishes full details of how to visit Cyprus for tourists

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