Cyprus Mail

Limassol to Nicosia motorway near Pyrgos reopens after five hours (Update3)

The Limassol to Nicosia highway near Pyrgos village remained closed on Sunday for more than five hours due to an accident involving a truck carrying hay bales.

The two lanes to Nicosia, as well as one lane to Limassol near Pyrgos community, closed at around 3 pm, when a truck carrying hay bales overturned. The traffic lanes remained closed as crews were trying to collect the hay bales scattered on the street and remove the truck.

Police said at around 5.20 pm that the traffic lane to Limassol was given back to traffic. The two lanes to Nicosia, however, were given back to traffic at around 8.40 pm. Motorists heading to Nicosia were asked to use the Pyrgos exit and return to the highway from the next exit.

The closure of the lanes has led to traffic congestion on the motorway with drivers returning to Nicosia stuck on the road for long periods of time.

The truck’s driver was slightly injured and was taken to Limassol hospital.