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I doubt the Brits will ever return to Cyprus in such numbers

Busy Larnaca airport is pictured before the coronavirus pandemic. The Cyprus Hotel Association is calling for the opening up of entry to a much broader range of tourists as soon as possible and they want British, Russians and Scandinavians by the end of July, if possible

Whilst Cyprus has done at excellent job of protecting the health of its people, from a purely economic point of view, Cyprus has probably now missed the boat with British tourists.

There has been much mocking of the UK on here which goes to prove that Cypriots don’t really like us, just our money.

Unfortunately for Cyprus it appears most British tourists will soon be heading to Spain etc where the UK government has worked with to enable travel to resume. Taking some risks will be the only way to attract the Brits back however I doubt the Cyprus government will swallow its pride and do so.

I’m not for one minute suggesting they should for health reasons but need to accept that British tourists may never return once they’ve discovered other places that in many cases will have more to offer, at a cheaper price.

My comments will be criticised however I’m only giving Cypriots an insight as to the mindset of Brits during this crisis.


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