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Tom Ford

A rose by any other name would not be Tom Ford

“The sting of a rose. The little pain that gives such sensual pleasure. Inspired by my rose garden, Rose Prick is a wild bouquet of intoxicating and rare hybrids. A trilogy of Rose de Mai, rose of Turkey and Bulgaria. Sharp and virgin. Warm and sensual. A rich bouquet of flowers in pink perfection. The risk of being so close to beauty increases the seductive power of Rose Prick” says Tom Ford speaking about his latest perfume.

In the first notes of the perfume there is a bouquet of Bulgarian roses and Rose de Mai with the intense fire of Sichuan pepper and turmeric extract.

At the heart of Tom Ford Rose Prick is the Bulgarian rose, one of the rarest rose varieties in the world, with more than a million flowers needed to produce a kilo of oil. As its enchanting aroma unfolds, Indonesia’s diffuse patchouli exudes a woody breath of Chypre and the warmth of baked Tonka smokers with addictive notes of caramel and vanilla.

A dry Tolu balm and notes of musk that tighten the skin captures the rosy beauty of fleshy petals that bloom on a branch. The finish is so great that it hurts, like after removing the thorn.

A pink rose is a symbol of joy and Rose Prick comes in a matte, opaque, pink bottle. With a matte black metal stamp, the 50ml bottle has the elegant, architectural look of a chessboard.


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