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Gliss launches Summer Repair hair care collection

Summer is here, which means carefree walks by the coast, swimming and long sunbathing sessions to achieve that tan we all dream about. However, as much as summer seems like paradise to most of us, our hair doesn’t have quite the same view. During the summer, hair is damaged by the sun, salt and chlorine found in pools. These factors dehydrate the hair, making it frizzy and less shiny.

Schwarzkopf, a specialist in hair repair, has created a new hair care collection, Gliss Summer Repair, now available on the Cyprus market with updated packaging and advanced formulas, capable of restoring beauty and suppleness to the hair.

The Gliss Summer Repair collection can repair hair damaged by the sun, sea and pool water, while also protecting it from fading. Thanks to the ingredients used in the Gliss Summer Repair collection, including apricot essential oil and UVA/UVB filters, hair can be hydrated while staying safe from harmful UV rays.

The Gliss Summer Repair collection includes:

A shampoo that deeply cleans hair from any residual sea and pool water while also preventing dryness

A 2-in-1 treatment used both as a hair softening cream as well as a mask for additional hydration and restoration

A hair spritz used as a treating spray to increase softness and doesn’t need to be washed off

Enjoy the summer holidays without worrying about the sun damaging hair. Say goodbye to dry and dehydrated hair thanks to the Gliss Summer Repair collection.

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