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Cyprus needs to find the solution, not Britain

The UK has set down its rules for overseas students with fees increasing significantly and removing the EU student loan ‘facility’ as of the 2021-22 academic year.

The Cyprus education ministry is claiming that it is unfair for those male students who have secured a place at a UK uni now but need to defer for a year due to military service. However unfair this may sound it is most likely that the UK government will not want to grant any concessions to these students, one obvious reason being the danger of creating such a precedent.

Surely if the the Cyprus government feels so strongly that these students have been wronged then it’s their responsibility to find a solution to this problem, like allowing them to defer their military service for 3-4 years and/or granting them a preferential loan for their fees, after all they are Cypriot citizens not British.


Minister pledges to seek deal with UK over massive university fee hike

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