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TV shows we love: Unbelievable

In recent years, victim blaming has become a hot topic, especially as far as women who have been sexually abused are concerned.

Blaming women who have been abused for their ‘provocative behaviour’, whether that refers to allegedly ambiguous clothing or attitude, often results in undermining their overall credibility, thus damaging their quest for justice. That’s exactly what happens in Unbelievable.

The series, inspired by real events, tells the story after 18-year-old Marie is raped. Due to the lack of evidence and to some inconsistencies in her stories, the girl finds herself accused of false testimony.

The two male detectives who initially deal with her case gradually manage to convince her that the rape is a figment of her imagination, to the point where even she doubts that what happened to her.

The two detectives find out that Marie comes from a tragic background of abuse and end up using the information to suggest that her trauma caused her to make up a story to seek attention. She is basically painted as a liar.

Only the later intervention of two women detectives, who try to shed light on the incident, give Marie hope that justice can be achieved.

The series focuses on the blurred lines between truth and lie, between real and fake and exposes a faulty system that sadly does not take on the responsibility of protecting the people who need it the most, such as teenager Marie.

The depth of the topics discussed throughout the eight episodes and the delicate subject matter result in a masterful series, which glues to the TV even those who are not big on crime stories.

And despite the slightly slower pace compared to other similar works, the excellent interpretation of the two main characters, especially Toni Collette as fierce Detective Grace Rasmussen, will not leave the audience indifferent, making Unbelievable a series not to be missed.

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