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Hong Kong merely seeking the freedom China agreed to honour in 1997

If the Chinese ambassador to Cyprus writes many more letters to the Cyprus Mail, the newspaper should grant him “CM Regular Columnist” status.

The latest tirade by Ambassador Huang Xingyuan (Cyprus Mail, June 27) states that an Australian Cypriot called Drew Pavlou is quite wrong to give support to the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, as he is “….lending moral support to the acts of separatism and terror in Hong Kong”. He goes on to state that “How the Chinese government handles Hong Kong-related issues is purely China’s internal affair……”.

Hong Kong reverted to mainland China at midnight on June 30, 1997 after China signed the “Sino-British Joint Declaration”, in which it is stipulated that China would accept Hong Kong’s Basic Law. This ensured that Hong Kong and its people would retain its capitalistic economic system, its own currency, legal system, legislative system and people’s rights and freedom for 50 years from 1997.

During the three-day visit to Hong Kong in 2017 by Xi Jinping on the 20th anniversary of HK’s return to China, the Chinese Foreign Affairs made the following announcement:

“Hong Kong has been in the arms of the motherland for 20 years. The Sino-British Joint Declaration as an historical document is no longer relevant today. We hope people recognise this reality.”

What the people of Hong Kong want, ambassador, is their freedom under the Basic Law and their “terror” is a rejection of the pathetic autocratic rule imposed by the PRC. The likes of Drew Pavlou realise that which is why they openly support the people of Hong Kong.


Brian Lait, Larnaca

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