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Why aren’t bus drivers wearing masks all the time?

On the morning of June 30, I travelled on the Larnaca to Paphos route with the Intercity bus company. Prior to departure the driver reminded passengers of the requirement to wear face masks. Unfortunately, he ignored his own advice, putting the health and lives of his passengers at risk by failing to wear one himself. I challenged him on this – he ignored me. For the whole two and a half-hour journey he only wore his mask when approaching bus stops – presumably so as that he wouldn’t be seen to be flouting the law.
I returned from Paphos to Limassol in the afternoon, and again the driver also only wore his mask when collecting fares. On a later bus from Limassol to Larnaca, the driver wore no mask at all. All of these disgraceful practices occurred despite there being notices on every bus entrance of the requirement to wear face masks. It appears drivers with the Intercity bus company see themselves as above the law.

Martin Nugent

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