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What are your defining moments? – Elisabeth Villiger Toufexis

Many people don’t like to hear that our life is the result of all the decisions which we have ever taken because some things happen to us without our decision. However, we can always decide how we want to react to something that happens, that’s where the power is. We do have a big influence on how our life develops and there are moments in time or so called defining moments which will affect us for the rest of our life. Sometimes we take decisions under pressure or because we are afraid to take a risk, to leave our comfort zone.

As we all know, nothing grows in the comfort zone and when we take a risk, we may just have a learning experience. There are no mistakes, there are only learnings. Our defining moments are often driven by our subconscious mind where our values and beliefs are stored and unfortunately many of our beliefs may limit us because they were instilled in us as children.

When we start to become more honest with ourselves, we realize that there are a number of things we believe that are actually not true and beliefs are not facts. Limiting beliefs can be changed into positive affirmations, there are many examples available in the internet or a coach can help you remove or change them. You cannot go and change your defining moments, those moments in time where you took an important decision but you can learn from them and do it better in the future.

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