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Angela Merkel will be sorely missed

Departing Chancellor Angela Merkel

We agree that Ataturk was the man who modernised Turkey after the collapse of the Ottomans.

We also agree that the Ottomans were very tolerant of other religions like Christian and Jews so long as they did not dare to rebel and instead focus on commercial activity.

However, I disagree that the EU is leaderless today. We must not forget that since the global financial crisis, the EU has suffered migration crisis, high unemployment and reform resistance from governments like Hungary and Poland to name but two.

But because the EU stands for more than what leaders offer it is important to see it as an institution which is the most successful union ever attempted and has sought to be a force for good, especially for those former Warsaw pact countries.

The EU has a leader in Angela Merkel who has proven beyond doubt that she has a strong sense of history, solidarity and led the EU form one crisis to another. Just think for a moment if the EU did not have Merkel at the helm in the recent financial crisis and which the leader tried by example to help refugees?

Do we need a better leader? Sadly she is leaving a big gap when she steps down. The EU survives based on its laws not on individuals, and this is the sign of a civilised community with respect to rule of law and democracy.

I hope this answers why Europe is a stable institution. It sustains its existence thanks to rule of law, respect for human rights and freedoms which barely are respected in other parts of the world.


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