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Man jailed for seven years after abusing girl for years

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A 27-year-old man was sentenced to seven years in prison by the Nicosia criminal court on Tuesday after being found guilty of sexually abusing a girl for years, from childhood into her teen years.

The defendant was also a minor when the harassment started.

According to the criminal court, the defendant, who is nine years older than his victim, started sexually abusing the girl when he was under 14 and continued until he turned 23, while the victim was still a minor.

The court said that the offences did not concern rape but “milder forms of abuse as well as coercion to watch pornographic material.”

It added, however, that it did not escape its attention that the offences were committed for many years and continued “not only after the accused turned 14 years old but also for a long time after his coming of age, until the age of 23, while the complainant was still a minor.”

Though the accused was aware his actions were illegal, it said, he nevertheless continued to abuse the girl, sometimes not hesitating to use violence against her.

“The above illegal behaviour of the accused caused serious psychological problems to the complainant,” the court said.

The criminal court said that after taking into account the defendant’s clean criminal record, that he immediately admitted to his actions, the time that elapsed since the offences took place, his young age but also that he too was a minor for a long period of time when the offences were taking place, sentenced him to seven years in prison.

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