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Take a virtual reality tour of six REAL exoplanets

What would it be like to stand on the surface of another planet?

We The Curious teamed up with astrophysicists to create a scientifically accurate, VR tour of 6 exoplanets. Take it to the next level and find out what it might be like to explore these worlds at:

Strap on a VR headset, surf the giant waves of Kepler-62e, and gaze across the lava fields of 55 Cancri e.

Narrated & produced by: Ross Exton Special thanks to: Dr Nathan Mayne, Professor David Sing, Dr Tom Evans, Elisabeth Matthews, Dr Sasha Hinkley, Jessica Spake, Dr Stefan Lines, Professor Stefan Kraus, Lee Pullen, Anna Henley, Ollie Brown, Bridget Sealey, Josie Forsyth. The University of Exeter Astrophysics Research Group Animation: Engine house VFX Funded by: The University of Exeter.

If you wish to enquire about using parts/all of this film then please contact Jay Gasgoigne at the University of Exeter.

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