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Parents of abused child forbidden from seeing him

Limassol court

A couple from Limassol accused of abusing their 19-month-old son have been forbidden from seeing their child pending court proceedings against them for exposing a child to danger and alleged domestic violence.

The case emerged after the woman, 24, went earlier this week to a Limassol police station to testify about a case concerning complaints made by her partner’s grandmother on domestic violence against the elderly woman. While at the station, officers there noticed that her 19-month-old son who was with her had bruises and seemed very neglected. The toddler was taken to hospital where he was found to have bruises, scratches and abrasions on his head and face, and the rest of the body. The injuries were found to have been inflicted at different times over the past 20 days.

The baby is reportedly now under the care of his paternal grandmother.

The couple and the mother’s sister were on Friday referred by the Limassol district court to trial, set to start on July 22. The three of them face 12 charges in total for three cases concerning complaints filed by the 26-year-old man’s mother and grandmother for offences including exposing a child to danger, domestic violence, assault and causing actual bodily harm and malicious damage. The mother’s sister is charged with assault and causing actual bodily harm to the relatives of the man.

In the meantime, a temporary court order was issued forbidding the parents from seeing or contacting the toddler. The court also issued restraining orders forbidding the accused of coming near the 26-year-old’s mother and grandmother.

They were released in bail under conditions. On Wednesday, the decree forbidding the parents from going  near the child will be reviewed as the mother is expected to ask to see her son in the presence of a social worker.

Labour Minister Zeta Emilianidou had called for an immediate investigation into the incident since the family was being monitored by social services, which seem to have failed to notice the abuse earlier.


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