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Akinci criticises ‘health ministry’ for failing to prepare epidemiological report since May

Former Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci

Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci blasted the ‘health ministry’ on Sunday for failing to prepare an epidemiological report on the coronavirus, a month and a half after it pledged it would.

The bicommunal committee on health is set to convene on Tuesday to discuss the epidemiological situation on each side of the divide for the third time since the pandemic began.

Health experts from the north have failed to offer a proper report since meetings began, which Akinci criticized on Sunday.

“There is no excuse for this extremely serious and irresponsible stance.”

This not only reflects badly on Turkish Cypriot members of the technical committee on health but the entire Turkish Cypriot community, not only towards the Greek Cypriots but even before the eyes of the UN, Akinci said.

In his statement, Akinci added that he had sent a letter over the matter on May 23 to the ‘health ministry’ which had publicly pledged to have a report ready.

A month and a half later and neither the ‘presidency’ or the Turkish Cypriot members of technical committee on health have received a report.

This is completely unacceptable Akinci said and called on the ‘government’ and the ‘health ministry’ to immediately take to task on their responsibilities and prepare the report, which is also required by the UN.

“If they cannot do this, then let them explain the reasons to all of society,” his statement said.

If they are unable to prepare the report, then they must answer why they have been assuring the public of the contrary.

The Greek Cypriot members of the technical committee on health have so far submitted three reports with each meeting, while the Turkish Cypriots have been empty handed every time.

The first report was submitted on June 1 and by June 4, this was sent to the ‘health ministry’, Akinci said.

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