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Internship cover letter – write a winning piece and succeed

This informative article describes how to write a great internship cover letter to get noticed by potential employers and receive the desired internship.

Many students dream of experiencing an internship. It’s a very important stage, which can last from several weeks to a complete semester. It’s offered by employers who provide students with the opportunity to show how gifted they are. If they pass this stage properly, they’ll definitely receive a job after their graduation. Not all students can receive this proposition. Employers choose those youngsters who can convince them they are worth a try. This can be done via an internship cover letter. Resumes have the same objectives.

A cover letter is a short and detailed student biography. It describes their main professional qualities, education skills, experience, personality traits, etc. Some students even require professional help with writing one because it’s a very responsible and important document. We’ll explain how to write a winning cover letter.

Use business letter format

Firstly, select the right format for your letter. It must be a business style; formal, detailed, and straight to the point. Using this style, you’ll clearly describe your positive sides to convince a potential employer that you should be given a chance. This format includes:

  • Your contact information;
  • The date;
  • The contact information for the employer.

This data must be mentioned at the top of your cover letter. This is only the beginning, which is simple. Other parts of the paper are more complex.

Individualise your cover letter

Secondly, make your cover letter stand out from the crowd. It would hardly bring you many dividends if you use stereotypes. You should show your employer that you differ from other candidates. Highlight your skills, some outstanding personality traits, uncommon experiences, and educational achievements. Use a vivid lexicon as well.

Use keywords

Thirdly, use great keywords that can help you receive the desired internship. You’ll require a well-structured text with plain and logically combined paragraphs. Each paragraph should contain at least one special phrase or word. The keywords draw the attention of readers to something important. Think about what message you’d like to deliver in each paragraph and apply an appropriate keyword. Besides, they individualise any text.

For example, you’re a great leader. When you write your story, make sure you mention ‘leadership’ and/or ‘leadership skills’ several times in your text. You’re welcome to create as many keywords as you want. Nonetheless, don’t overuse them. If your cover letter is about 500 words, every keyword shouldn’t be mentioned more often than twice.

Write specific examples

It’s always important to prove your words with appropriate examples. If you’re a great leader, describe a situation when your leadership skills were effective. Make sure you mention the relevant knowledge and examples. Your employer is an experienced and clever person who can easily check your claims. Be honest and don’t be afraid to confess that something isn’t yet perfect. You’re still young and require some experience. The internship is created for such situations. However, don’t focus on some drawbacks. Pay more attention to your strong sides.

Emphasise your academic experience

Undoubtedly, one of the sections of your cover letter must be dedicated to your academic achievements. This option is commonly offered in any internship cover letter. It’s very useful if you have limited work experience. Students have to devote most of their time to study and so they don’t work much. If you have little to say about your professional experience, you can fill in the gaps thanks to your academic experience.

Mention all the skills and abilities you have perfectly mastered. Make sure you demonstrate them with appropriate examples. These may be different scientific awards, participation in different competitions, collaboration with other students (teamwork), and so on.

Describe extracurricular experiences

It’s likewise important to be engaged in other activities. Employers prefer interns who try their knowledge and skills in various fields. It shows that they are multi-sided and gifted. Therefore, don’t ignore some extra competitions, volunteering, etc. Include all your extracurricular experiences to win additional points for future employment.

Proofread and edit

No matter how great your writing skills are, it’s important to check yourself. You may make some mistakes, and a revision will help to detect them. Apply your proofreading and editing abilities to improve weak parts, fix mistakes, enhance readability, etc. Your grammar and style are supposed to be perfect. Otherwise, nobody would like to employ a worker who makes many mistakes.

Memorise the prompts mentioned in this article. They’ll help to write a flawless internship cover letter. Thus, you’ll have great chances to succeed.

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