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Man dies after he was crushed by wooden panels (updated)

A 65-year-old man died on Tuesday in Limassol after he was crushed by wooden panels, which were being unloaded from a container.

Loukas Mosfilis was the driver of a lorry carrying wooden panels to warehouse for industrial scaffolding materials on Nikou and Despinas Pattichi Street.

Under conditions that are still being investigated, two batches of panels weighing some 1.5 tonnes fell and crushed him.

He was transferred to Limassol general hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Senior labour inspection department officer, Kypros Kyprou, said “based on the first indications and information we have, it appears the accident happened while wooden panels were being unloaded from a container which came from Russia.”

There were 21 bundles of which 15 were horizontally placed and unloaded. Four were left, which were vertically placed, three at the back of the container and one on the side.

As employees were trying to figure out how to unload them, two of them three gave way, crushing Mosfilis.

“It is very serious to have heavy materials in an upright position,” Kyprou said.

“It was a combination of the way they were stacked and not assessing the danger properly.”

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