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Play to tour village coffee shops around the island

Since not everyone can attend plays – and theatres aren’t open yet – Mitos theatre group is taking plays to the people, specifically to coffee shops in villages around the island.

Coffee shops are traditionally where people meet and socialise, where news is shared and exchanged by word of mouth, from person to person, in a slower way. So, this new production called Mantata, directed by Elena Agathokleous, will tour Cypriot villages and communities this summer, starting from the end of July.

The play is based on the Chronicle written by 15th-century Cypriot chronicler Leontios Macheiras in the medieval Cypriot dialect. Excerpts were chosen from the decade of the reign of Peter I (1359-1369) and are mainly stories of ‘behind the curtain’. Peter I is considered perhaps the most important king of Cyprus, at least from a military point of view, and he had grandiose plans which he failed to carry out mainly due to his intense character, which caused many internal disputes but also to his assassination in his bedroom from his nobles at the age of 40.

The first performance will take place on July 26 at the Athletics Association Elpida Prosfygon Pafou in Moutallos, Paphos. Two shows will be on there, one at 7pm and one at 9pm. Then on July 29, the play will travel to Limassol, to the Community Centre in Doros, again with two performances at the same times.

The next day, another Limassol village will host Mantanta. O Kafenes tou Mastrou in Treis Elies will welcome the play with a single performance at 7pm. On August 1, Galata village in the Nicosia districted will be treated with a performance at Aeriko (at 7pm and 9pm). Finally, on August 2 it will return to Limassol – to Mezedes tis Marias in Koilani – for the last two shows. Entrance is free, as the coffee shop vibe is kept but reserving a spot is necessary. To do so call 97-879793.



Play in Cypriot dialect touring Cyprus villages.

July 26, Athletics Association Elpida Prosfygon Pafou in Moutallos, Paphos. 7pm and 9pm

July 29, Community Centre, Doros village, Limassol. 7pm and 9pm

July 30, O Kafenes tou Mastrou, Treis Ellies, Limassol. 7pm

August 1, Aeriko, Galata,Nicosia. 7pm and 9pm

August 2, Mezedes tis Marias, Koilani, Limassol. 7pm and 9pm

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