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Hellenic Bank launches initiatives to guide customers into online banking

Hellenic Bank announced on Friday the launch of an initiative called ‘Connect Corners’ through which they will try to get customers acquainted with online and digital banking in an effort to reduce queues at branches around Cyprus.

Specialised staff members at banks, called ‘Meeters-Greeters’ will be at the customers’ disposal to guide them through the transition and to explain the benefits of online and digital banking.

People will be able to sign up for the initiative and obtain a new debit card free charge that will be used to access the bank’s online services, namely the Web Banking and Hellenic Bank’s mobile app.

In addition to the free cash withdrawal, now available contactless at every branch of Hellenic Bank, customers who are not familiar with online banking will be taught by the ‘Meeters-Greeters’ how to deposit money or cheques, view their account balances, transfer money to their card-linked accounts, or request more information regarding their account without the need of coming to the bank in person.

The bank has come under some criticism from the pensioners’ union for axing its two mobile banking units due to cutbacks as a result of the pandemic. The union said the elderly were struggling with online banking.

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