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Can Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots live side by side?

When will Cypriot newspapers be able to publish such a headline?

Last week I mentioned Fintan O’Toole and his take on the Good Friday Agreement (GFA).

O’Toole argues the GFA grew out of a desire to stop looking back and start looking forward. He argued, therefore, that instead of continually asking “What are you prepared to die for?”, the question became “What are you prepared to live with?” The Irish ended up with the GFA.

Panayiotides asks 8 questions. The first is directed at Cypriots and the other 7 are directed at Turkey. The only one that matters is the first:

“Is it feasible to expect Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots to live side by side?”

If we are ever going to be a sovereign state that’s the only one that matters. After that question is answered Turkey’s claim to be protecting the Turkish Cypriots is redundant.


The questions we need to answer

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