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Cyprus is ‘driving backwards’

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Actually Cyprus is driving backwards.

It has zero electric vehicle policy. The current ‘ok we will put a few stations in’ approach to charge is an utter waste of time, too few and not in proper access locations.

Unless you want to park at an EAC office to charge, only to realise that first you need to visit the office (if open) with all your papers, ID, complete a form and pay a fee to ‘join the charge access program’.

Then once all this is sorted out, seek out a charger only to find you may have to be there for a few hours because the charge rates are pretty low.

Try talking about installing a charge point at home, laughable. Costs, mind boggling!

There is no pure EV grant/incentive fund. Most countries offer manufacturers a number of cars they can sell and register on an incentive program to kick start selling for clean zero vehicle emissions.

RES is part of the benefit of course but the removal of fossil fuels cars, given Cyprus has one of the highest car ownership and use in Europe, is a issue that needs to be dealt with immediately.

In just 2 year time there will be a reasonable choice of EV cars to purchase and this will only grow.

Putting in a sensible priced EV charge network will take the government and EAC too long, clearly not good enough.


Greece’s green evolution, Cyprus going backwards

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