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Moving house in the time of coronavirus

Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay

If you have been planning on moving, the coronavirus has probably made life a whole lot more difficult. Not only has it been difficult for people searching for the right place to stay, but the moving process itself has been disrupted. There is so much that can go wrong.

The last thing you want is to do things at a substandard level. However, you also don’t want to risk your health by dealing with too many people.

If you are moving house during the coronavirus pandemic, here are some things you will need to consider.

Find the right movers

The first thing you need to do is pick a qualified mover. But where your criteria for a good moving company might once have been the safety of your property, the priority is now your own physical health.

Whichever mover you go with is going to be touching and breathing over your possessions. They will be going in and out of your old space as well as your new space. Doing so without putting your health in danger should be their top priority.

Find out what precautions the movers are taking. They should be willing to do all the work without your oversight and should therefore be very trustworthy. They should have protocols in place to ensure your property is disinfected once in place. They should also have practices in place that ensure any workers showing symptoms of the virus are sent home.

Do some of the work yourself

In normal times, good moving companies would set up your entire home for you. You wouldn’t have to think about putting furniture together and getting everything in the right place. Now, however, it is better if outsiders have as little contact with your property as possible.

Instead of keeping the movers in your new home longer than necessary, put everything together yourself. This might mean you spend a few days getting everything done rather than forcing yourself to do it all immediately. It is not ideal, but we are not living in normal times.

Get acquainted with the area

In a normal world, you would take time getting to know the new area. You would leisurely find out about the restaurants around you, the home-owner’s association, and the facilities. Now, however, you need to have the most practical information from the get-go.

Get acquainted with all the emergency services. You should know where the nearest hospital is, as well as which reliable doctors are nearby. You should find out who can help you in an emergency, and whether there are community organisations in place that will be at your assistance.

Getting to know the nearby restaurants and the like will have to come later, but you can find out about small businesses still functioning in the area. There might be beauty services available with strict hygiene processes in place, and it is important you find out who is trustworthy.

Moving house in the time of coronavirus is unlike anything you’ve done before. However, with some intention and help, it can be done with no hitches.

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