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The Cypriot political establishment needs to display some pragmatism

In March 2014 the Russian army carrying light arms appeared in Crimea, seizing key infrastructure, surrounding Ukrainian military installations and demanding the surrender of Ukrainian forces

The essence of this damning editorial is fundamentally sound and on the button. It mercilessly condemns AKEL’s slavish adherence to whatever the Soviet Union said and did, a policy which was transferred into singing the praises of its successor, the Russian Federation. However, the whole aspect of Cypriot foreign policy needs to be examined more carefully.

On the island there has always existed a naive surprise that countries look after their own interests. It’s as if it’s expected that everyone should fall over backwards to accommodate the viewpoint of the Republic come what may. AKEL and their fellow travellers fervently believe that Russia has always taken a ‘principled stand’ when it comes to the national issue. Really? It’s in Russia’s interests to keep the pot boiling as any resolution would cement NATO’s south-eastern flank and that’s the last thing she wants.

As for ‘principles’, Russia’s invasion and annexation of the Crimea and fomenting unrest with military action in Eastern Ukraine is quite the opposite. And let’s not forget their crude assassination attempts, both successful and bungled (remember the use of novichok administered by two Russian ‘tourists’ visiting Salisbury cathedral?), around the world as well as their computer hacking. Furthermore, is building a multi-billion Dollar nuclear power station in Turkey just across the water from Kyrenia a show of solidarity and sensitivity with Cyprus? Er, no. Again, the exact opposite.

The above also applies to America, Britain, Turkey, the EU and other interested parties in the region. It’s high time that the Cypriot political establishment grew up and displayed some pragmatism instead of its childish wailing and gnashing of teeth. Regrettably, they’ve become so used to delivering the same old stale rhetoric that it’s unlikely that they’ll ever kick the habit.


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