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Four safe places to hide your valuables at home

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In the unfortunate situation of an unwarranted entry into your home, there is something you can do to diminish the risk of financial loss: hiding your valuables in places that criminals would never look in. Given the fact that burglars operate on a clock since there is always the risk of someone raising the flag and calling law enforcement, they can never take a painstaking look around your house, and you can use this opportunity to your benefit.

This context leads to a high-utility realization: if you can hide your valuables in the most unique and secure places, you can easily outsmart the burglars. The most important catch is to look for places that appear uninteresting, and almost a struggle to search in. You need to step in the shoes of the burglar and identify those spots that pose a profound inconvenience to look at. Here are the top five places that have a brilliant track-record of protecting valuables.


You guessed that right, safes are still the most trusted places to hide your valuables. Not only are these robustly constructed, but they also feature sophisticated security patterns that are almost impossible to break. If you are searching for a safe that fits a constricted space, then you can read the best small safe reviews. With added protection, you also get the freedom to install these unbreakable systems in highly classified places in your house, such as under the floor tile, or a kitchen cabinet!

Old Hollow Books

There is no reason for burglars to swarm through a library filled with dense books, and you should use this to your advantage. If you have some old books that you are willing to hollow out, use that space to store precious valuables such as jewellery or some extra cash. But, don’t make the rookie mistake of putting a few books on a shelf, as this can raise the flag of suspicious activity. Always go for a full-blown library that adds value to your home aesthetically, and also serves the cheeky purpose of protecting your valuables.

Bathroom Ceiling

Some of you might have watched the legendary Walter White stash money in the water reservoir compartment of a commode, in the bathroom. Though this hidden place has become mainstream, bathroom ceilings haven’t. Given the fact that these ceilings are expensive, you can make a special spot in the ducts which only you know the exact location to. To make sure that the valuables stay protected from any water spillage, the best practice is to either vacuum seal them, or use plastic air-tight bags.

Garage Boxes

Garages have an extensive stash of cardboard boxes with the most mundane labels such as tools, extra stuff and whatnot. These boxes offer a great hiding spot for your valuables. A similar principle of books applies to boxes as well. The larger the volume of boxes stashed in the garage, the greater is the level of fortification as a burglar would get the feeling that you love to store useless stuff, rather than feeling the need to search it for precious stuff.

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