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Approaching veganism

Perhaps it’s because it’s the new trend. Perhaps it’s because people are genuinely more conscious of what they eat and how it affects the planet. Whatever the case, more and more people are flirting with a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle.

As more people reduce or eliminate meat from their diet, more restaurants add more vegetarian options to their menu and recently, some venues have become exclusively plant-based. But what came first? The vegetarians or the plant-based eateries? Eitherway it’s a positive change to Cyprus’ cultural and consumer life.

Recently, various events, excursions and workshops have popped up introducing the tasty world of veganism and two more are coming up in August. On Saturday, Vinylio Wine etc is collaborating with the Anama Concept to bring a Vegan and Vegetarian Summer Dinner.

Situated in Lythrodontas, the Anama Cellar is a contemporary construction, structured to ergonomically accommodate the needs of the specialised winemaking methods. The cellar is where the event will take place and of course, participants will have the chance to tour the venue and observe its architecture influenced by Cyprus’ provinces and the concept of modern design.

On the evening gourmet vegan and vegetarian dishes will be served along with beverages from the winery. Dreamy, French jazz duo Avant Tout will add a romantic touch to the dining experience.

Towards the end of the month, another vegan dining experience is coming featuring something everyone knows on the island: mezze. The twist? It’s vegan. Vegan Fam, the team behind the annual Vegan Fam Festival, is organising an evening featuring lots of different vegan Cypriot dishes, 25 to be exact. On August 22 at Eveleos Country House in Tochni, curious eaters can explore what makes a vegan Cypriot meze. Pre-booking is essential as there are limited seats available so if you want a taste, make sure to reserve a spot.


The Anama Concept

Vegan & Vegetarian Summer Dinner Event. August 8. Anama Cellar, Lythrodontas. 7.30pm. €40. Pre-booking is essential. Tel: 99-300430

Cyprus Vegan Meze

25 vegan Cypriot dishes. August 22. Eveleos country house, Tochni village. 7.30pm. €25 including a drink. Booking is essential. Tel: 99-432481

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