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The top European destinations for a Bachelor Party

There is no need to dream about it, going on an epic bachelor party can now be your reality. With increased interest and demand for innovative and unique experiences, Eventhuse offers nine European Stag Destinations to its clients since its formation in 2012.

The trend over the past few years saw an increase in Cypriots travelling abroad for their bachelor parties, with groups sizes ranging from six to 20 persons.

With the headquarters based in Cyprus, Managing Director George Tsangarides identified the need to provide a personal touch to a group’s final send off.

“Those most inclined to celebrate the event abroad are young professionals who can afford but also feel they deserve a weekend break with a group of friends with whom they have grown close to. That is why we provide a range of services to accommodate their needs to create a customised package, including accommodation, transfers, daytime and nightlife activities,” he said.

Beyond nightlife, there are many reasons that come into play when selecting a city for a weekend of fun and excitement. Unsurprisingly, Eastern Europe is the number one choice for travellers with destinations such as Bucharest, Budapest, Krakow and Prague being the most popular. This is the result of direct flights and better value for money.

“A Bucharest Stag Do  is the most popular choice amongst our bachelors as there is a lot to do during the day, but also because of the vibrant nightlife on offer. Bucharest is host to the largest spa and wellness centre in Europe and offers unique activities such as Sniper Shooting, Hot Rod Driving, Wakeboarding and Zip Lining, in addition to stag favourites including Go Karting, Paintballing, Bubble Football and VIP Nightclubbing,” George added.

Although Bucharest is the group’s signature destination, Budapest finds itself on the top three podium with its famous ruin bars and huge outdoor clubs in the summer and Krakow with its cultural beauty and it all year round party vibe.

Addressing the present uncertainty within the tourism industry due to Covid-19, George added, “Of course it has negatively affected most industries and most significantly tourism. Since the start of the pandemic, individuals have been wary to travel given the associated dangers, but also the constant change of measures and restrictions taken to tackle the pandemic across European borders. Luckily enough, the majority that have organised their travels chose to postpone their travels to future dates rather than to cancel altogether with the fear of missing out on such a big event. Therefore, if we see the crisis abate over the next few months, then 2021 could be our biggest year yet.

“So far it has been a long journey, but at the same time a learning curve and exciting challenge, and we have been fortunate enough to grow every year. We put this down to our drive and passion for what we do but also the local knowledge we have now for each of our destinations and this comes with the experience gained. Due to the industry’s evolving requirements, Eventhuse has been able to adjust and identify a niche that required a particular type of service – one which fits into both our personality and culture.”


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