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Coronavirus: 25 new cases, one death announced on Tuesday

Twenty-five new coronavirus cases were announced by the health ministry on Tuesday, along with one death.

The man, 77, died from Covid-19, despite also having underlying health issues.

Total deaths from Covid-19 reached 20, while 27 people died of other causes even though they had the virus. Of the 20 people who have died from the virus, 14 were men and six were women, with an average age of 71.

The ministry processed a total of 4,024 tests on Tuesday. The 25 new positive results bring the total to 1,227.

According to the ministry, 13 cases were from contact tracing. Three individuals tested on private initiative.

Six cases came from others tested on private initiative, one of whom had previously travelled to Thessaloniki, Greece. The other four all had symptoms and tested, while the sixth individual was tested ahead of surgery at a private hospital.

One person was found positive to the virus after being tested on doctor’s orders.

Three cases arose from flights that arrived in Cyprus on Monday, one from Athens, and two from Thessaloniki.

Two individuals, who returned to work during the second and third phase of lifting restrictions were also found positive to the virus. The ministry said one of these cases had been tested to be allowed to return to work.

In total, the ministry processed 173 tests from contact tracing, 980 from individuals tested on private initiative, 149 from individuals returning to work during the second and third phase of lifting restrictions, 1,720 from repatriated individuals and passengers, and 166 from people tested on doctors’ orders.

Negative results were received from 153 tests conducted by state hospital laboratories, and 683 from a random sampling of 10,000 individuals.

The ministry said five people are being treated at Famagusta General, the reference hospital.

In the north, four new cases were announced on Tuesday by ‘health minister’ Ali Pilli.  He said of a total of 1,567 tests processed, all the cases came from abroad, one arrived at the airport and the other three all arrived by sea.

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