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Sex is like souvlaki online video defended

The Cyprus Family Planning Association on Tuesday defended its video on sexual consent likening sex with souvlaki.

The group, that last week launched cartoon video Sex is like Souvlaki, along the same lines as Blue Seat Studios’ Tea Consent, said their aim was to encourage young people to think about how they function in their relationships, the way they communicate, express or ask for things.

The video starts with the argument that “sex is like souvlaki” and goes on to explain sexual consent in terms of whether a person wants to have souvlaki or not.

“It is nice to share but first you need to ask,” the video says.

If the person offered souvlaki says yes, then they want souvlaki, the video says, adding that if they so no, or are unsure, it means they don’t.

It also urges people not to insist or try to force souvlaki on others.

In case the ‘souvlaki dinner’ leads to photos or videos, it said, it is not okay to show it to others or post online without the other person’s consent.

According to the group, the video, that is in the Cypriot dialect, was embraced by many people of all ages, both in Cyprus and Greece and sparked debate and comments, most of them positive. They have also had negative reactions.

“Each person filters any information through their own knowledge, experiences and beliefs. Public dialogue is necessary, but it is essential that respect is its most important element. Just like in relationships,” the association said.

It added that the video is “simple, easy to understand, with humour” and that when creating the video, it chose men and women aged 20 to 25 who helped convey messages of consent to their peers by adapting the Tea Consent video.

It also argued that though many times, consent is identified exclusively with sex, this is not the case, adding that consensus concerns many aspects of people’s daily lives and relationships and is directly linked to skills such as communication, but also assertiveness.

The video can be found here.

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