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Increase the value of your wine collection by including these fine wines

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Having a wine collection is thought by many as a luxury – an expensive hobby that is not designed for everyone. However, increasing numbers of households and wine lovers grew their fondness by building a wine cellar.

Some of them enjoy the liberty of having access to their favourite bottles, while others perceive it as a monetary investment they can take advantage of in the future.

Whichever of these intentions, wine collection doesn’t come easy. And if you want to enjoy both the freedom of drinking them anytime and selling them in the future, you better stock your cellar with the best fine wines.

Collecting wines as an investment
There are many wine lovers out there who see a bottle of wine as an active monetary investment. This is because some wines increase their value as they age over time. But it’s not only wine enthusiasts who see wines as an investment but also investors. They see wine collection as an excellent alternative to diversify their investment portfolio.

However, it’s best to be reminded that not all wines get better when they age or see their value increase. Even the best vintage wines don’t increase their value that much, so it is better to conduct research on which wines you need to store in your wine cellar.

Fine wines you should have
Investing in wines and selling a wine collection takes years to set up, and requires collectors to be critical on what type of wines they need to store. Increasing your wine collection doesn’t entirely mean every wine in your cellar should be vintage.

It is a combination of every wine type and variety. And to give a better picture of that, here’s how you can build your wine collection to increase its value efficiently.

Building your wine cellar by category
Non-wine experts think a good wine collection only consists of rare and cult wines. However, little do they know that building an intrinsic wine collection is a composition of drinking wines and rare and vintage wines.

Your cellar should have a ratio of 20% drinkable young wines, 20% blue-chip wines, and 60% of rare and cult wines to increase its value. With this ratio, you’ll know what to stack in your cellar and what to look for during a wine hunt.

Let’s start with the prestige range of rare and cult wines.

Rare And Cult Wines
If your wine cellar is composed of a higher number of rare and cult wines, many wine collector buyers might become interested in checking what you have in store. For them, rare and cult wines are eye-candies that pique their interests.

The best thing to remember is that rare and cult wines are known for their prestige and limited manufacturing amounts.

Adding these two fine wines will instantly boost the value of your wine collection.

  • 2012 Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 2010 Sine Qua Non Stockholm Syndrome

Screaming Eagle is known to produce supremely rare wines, receiving many accolades from critics and sommeliers. This type of rare wine gets a perfect critic score most of the time during a wine tasting event. These recognitions prove that these bottles offer a great taste that improves as it ages.

On the other hand, Sine Qua wines don’t make the same bottle twice in production, thus showing rarity. It is even harder to find them on the market, so if you are lucky to get on the mailing list for this wine, better hold on to this bottle as long as possible.

Blue Chip Wines
To increase the value of your wine collection, stuffing your cellar with proven bottles of wine that have already generated incredible market attention is a good move. The 1982 Latour and 1989 Petrus are exceptional. However, Bordeaux wines are also kings in the wine market. It’s known as a traded commodity in the industry, with a 50% market share.

To even diversify your collection, get your hands on these blue-chip wines:

2006 Moet & Chandon Dom Perignon
2009 Lafite-Rothschild

Both the Moet & Chandon and Lafite-Rothschild are inexpensive in their youth, but these fine wines get better in time, both in taste and value. The longer you hold onto these bottles, the more you can expect their price value to rise to hundreds of dollars in the next 10 or 20 years.

Starting a wine collection is enjoyable and exciting. You can take advantage of having easy access to your favourite bottles and turn them into an excellent investment. However, you must be thorough if you intend to earn a profit and make it into a potential monetary investment. A balanced combination of rare and cult wines, drinking wines, and wines that already attract an audience will help you increase the value of your wine collection. It can even attract other wine investors.

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