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Only Akinci seems to understand that the two communities are the losers of a non solution

The essence to the article if I may is that the wars that the writer alludes to were for various reasons as we know, especially the European, a war between the ring powers of the Europe and competition for access to raw materials and land.

In contrast Cyprus was not about the differences only of the Cypriots but the two guarantors both vying from day one to destroy the independence of a country they vowed to safeguard.

In my view the two countries, plus the UK, should use their influence to get a solution that is viable and the membership of the EU safeguards the human rights and rule of law.

The two guarantors should bow out after a period of time and whether this is a sunset clause or a review is semantics. Both communities should look across to Lebanon and see what happens when they allow outside powers to control their fate!

The prosperous elite on both sides should realise that time is not on their side and that nothing stays still as the Greek saying goes. The Cypriots on both sides think they can predict the future; only Akinci seems to understand that the two communities are the losers of a failed solution!


The Cyprus problem is one of invasion and occupation. So what?

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