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Digital ministry needs to walk before it can run

Perhaps before the minister for innovation and digital policy thinks of widening the range of digital services in the government sphere, he should first examine the existing Ariadni system. It appears to have been designed to identify a person’s identity by one of two possibilities: a) Civil ID or b) Aliens Registration Certificate (ARC).

Unfortunately, these are often not the identity numbers currently used in existing systems used by different Cypriot ministries.

I have collected at least four different identity reference numbers in my 34 years in Cyprus, only one of which, an ARC, is recognised by the Ariadni system. I recently tried to get a copy of my now digitised title deeds from the land registry where requests now have to be processed through Ariadni.

he system told me I was not recognised and to visit any land registry office for help.  I visited the Limassol office but they could not help as, I understand, they can now only issue via the Ariadni system!

Perhaps Kyriakos Kokkinos should not try to run before he can walk?

John Barbour, Monagri

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