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One last referendum on both sides

Since 1974, 46 years have passed and there have been thousands of meetings and plans and yet the situation remains as it. Some might say the current status quo is a solution. At some stage the UN will need to put closure on these talks.

Given that there is so much historical mistrust between both sides, that what is needed here is one last referendum for both sides.

Give the people some choices on the referendum

A- United Cyprus based on a Belgian model with one nationality and two official languages.

B- A two-state solution i.e. Republic of Cyprus and Northern Cyprus (i.e. North and South Sudan)

C- Annexation of the ‘TRNC’ by Turkey would mean that the ‘TRNC’ would be incorporated by Turkey and that “Internationally” the name “Cyprus” will only be the Greek controlled side. Turkey has failed since 1974 to get International recognition of the TRNC and this idea is still on the table. Russia recently annexed the Crimea from the Ukraine.

There are arguments for and against any of these proposals but at least let both peoples on both sides decide.  Hypothetically speaking let’s assume that if a Referendum took place and most Greek speakers in the Republic of Cyprus wanted a United Cyprus and most Turkish speakers in the TRNC wanted an independent state then this should be formalised under the UN auspices. Recently Greece recognised FYROM in its long running name dispute as North Macedonia. There is also a Macedonian province in Northern Greece.

Let the people’s decide in two referendums (held at the same time) otherwise let’s keep kicking the can down the road for another 50 years. This dispute needs closure.

GG, Australia

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