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Five essential steps to prepare for a carefree journey

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Traveling should be a carefree activity. We go to expand our horizons and immerse ourselves into cultures different from our own. Still, if we don’t prepare for the journey properly, we can run into issues that ruin the entire experience.

In 2020, traveling is much more constrained. Hence, the necessity for unique preparation is far more pronounced than at any time before. The pandemic put a dent in everyone’s plans, and while traveling isn’t impossible, it’s a lot more challenging to organize it responsibly and safely. Let’s see what you can do to ensure your traveling in 2020 is carefree and safe. While going overseas is much more challenging due to limited access and closed borders, you can explore local treasures. Whichever option suits you, these recommendations will be very useful.

The pandemic precautions

First and foremost, you should always check the COVID-19 statistics related to the country you’re planning on visiting. These statistics give you the general idea of how much they’re struggling with the pandemic and if it’s safe to visit. Like the US, some countries update their citizens on which countries are relatively safe and which are high-risk. If you decide to go to a region severely devastated by the virus, you will need to follow certain protocols.

Furthermore, all the general practices on protecting yourself and others from getting sick still stand. Masks, disinfectants, social distancing, and proper sneezing etiquette are not the measures you can leave behind. Also, ask about the safety measures your hotel uses to keep its guests safe, so you know you are safe while staying there.

Learn the basic phrases

Communication is essential in all situations, and while knowing English is enough for most cases, but becoming more flexible is always an advantage. They will allow you to communicate when you can’t find anyone that speaks English.

Local shops, bars, and other venues become even more accessible when you can communicate in their native tongue. Finally, tourists that learn the local language are always more welcome. While you do not need to become an expert in a foreign language, some general phrases will be welcomed by the native residents. Finally, the best way to start learning a language is to travel to a place where it’s spoken. Exposing yourself to a language lets you hear it in action, and internalizing it becomes a passive thing.

Research the local customs

Now, local customs are a different matter. Some places will be quite similar to what you are used to, but some cultures will be vastly different. So, research is essential if you do not want to offend people by accident.

The cultural differences can range from simple things like taking off your shoes before entering someone’s house to completely different table manners. It is quite disgruntling when you realize you offended someone without the intention of doing so. While most hosts will have the patience to explain the cultural difference, it is a grand gesture on the visitor’s part to know at least the essential customs.

Get insurance

This should be a no brainer. Putting yourself in an unknown environment can lead to being scammed or robbed with more ease if you are not careful. Losing your money, credit cards, documentation, camera, phone, and so on to a criminal can be very frustrating. If you have travel insurance, these unfortunate accidents do not have to be that detrimental.

Furthermore, paying for medical attention in a foreign country can be very expensive. Insurance has got you covered if, god forbid, you have a medical emergency you need to take care while in a foreign country. It also ensures the medical establishments are up to the required standards. Insurance is one of the essentials, especially during the pandemic. So, stay safe by following the recommendations and having the option to visit a doctor when you feel unwell.

VPN is an essential

Finally, we’re all quite a bit reliant on technology during our travels. Sometimes we use it to translate things. In other scenarios, we use it to get around unfamiliar places. Furthermore, when we are stuck in a hotel, technology becomes our main source of entertainment.

The reason why VPN is essential is safety. When we use our phones, tablets, and laptops, we tend to do so while connected to public Wi-Fi. However, Wi-Fi spots are unreliable by nature, especially the ones offered at public places like airports or hotels. They open our devices to unauthorized access, as most public Wi-Fi hotspots tend to have weak security measures. In popular tourist locations, Wi-Fi is one of the offered privileges. So, it might be the hackers’ favorite spot in town.

Atlas VPN helps by creating a buffer between you and the rest of the web. It makes it impossible for hackers to get to the sensitive data on your devices, and you can use them without worrying. You can also access your Netflix or HBO Go accounts regardless of your location, which, let’s face it, is important for us even when we’re on vacation.


These are the essentials of proper travel preparation. You can take it further than this, but in most cases, it is non-essential. Many people tend to get caught up in the pre-travel hype forgoing any commonsense approaches, which turns out to be detrimental to their vacation quality.

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