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Liam’s happy ever after! | 2nd Chance Dogs

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Liam was a stray for more than 1.5 years, roaming around a village and trying to fend for himself and survive with the leftovers from a bakery. He was terrified and he wouldn’t allow anyone to get near to him. One morning he was almost run over by a car in front of our eyes, while he was trying to cross the busy main street, so 2nd Chance Dogs knew that they needed to provide shelter for him and keep him safe.

Now is a loving pet that enjoys the care and affection of his forever family….

His family says:

“As I was browsing through Instagram, I come across a black furry ball, with tail and legs posing to the lens. It was Liam and it was love at first sight! Truth to be told adopting was not in my immediate plans but at that moment I could not resist that little guy. I felt that I and Liam were meant to cross paths for a reason and we were meant to be friends for life. Therefore, I communicated 2nd Chance Dogs through their page and started asking about more information. I did not know the adoption procedure but the staff and volunteers of the organisation were very friendly and most helpful. We first exchanged some procedural messages and then booked a meeting appointment to their centre. I was so excited! After all the necessary procedures and logistics this sweet guy came to my house!! Even though at the beginning Liam was distant and hesitant, understandably because of his lack of human interaction, throughout time he adapted to his new family and finally felt like an important member of the familly. Now I know that every time I come back from work tired, I have my little furry friend waiting for me full of love, who is able to relieve me from stress and worries. The only thing he wants in return is some TLC – tender, love and care!”

Contact 2nd Chance Dogs shelter:


Website: [email protected]


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