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Restaurant review: Siko Seaside, Paralimni


The summer heat combined with time off work means it is the perfect opportunity to visit one of the lovely beaches on our beautiful island. This time, Fig tree bay in Protaras was the destination. White sand and crystal-clear water. What else could you ask for?

Sitting by sea can be hungry work though so when lunchtime rolled around we headed for one of the restaurants overlooking the beach, Siko Seaside. We were lucky enough to be sat at the front of the restaurant and had a fantastic view of the beach. In front of the restaurant was a lounge area with white couches where people were enjoying cocktails and smoking shisha.

The menu had a good variety of snacks, sandwiches, salads and main dishes so plenty to choose from. I had been recommended the goats cheese salad but when I compared the price to the steak sandwich it was more or less the same so I went for the steak. The others at the table ordered the goats cheese salad and the club sandwich.

Looking around we noticed cages with birds. After closer inspection, we realised they were actually quite realistic fake parrots! I think it was the lack of movement from the bird that gave it away! Additionally, the restaurant was decorated with flourishing, beautiful bougainvillea.

Luckily, the seats were quite comfortable because, although the restaurant wasn’t busy the food took quite a long time to arrive. When it finally did, we were ready to tuck in. One of the things that attracted me to the steak sandwich was the description of melted cheddar cheese. Yummy! The sandwich arrived open, on ciabatta bread and so the contents were on display. I was not at all impressed with the cheese. It looked like the plasticy, packaged type of cheese, not very appetizing at all. The amount of steak was also quite a bit less than other places I have had a steak sandwich. The saving grace was that the Dijon mustard was good and the steak itself was soft and tender. Just a shame about the cheese sticking to the roof of my mouth!

The club sandwich was also not what my friend had hoped for. They had the same experience with the sliced cheese and said that the ham was very processed and not to their liking at all. Alongside this, the serving of chicken in the sandwich was a little measly. The club sandwich was also advertised as being served with salad. There were 2 slices of cucumber on the side of the plate!

Both the steak sandwich and the club came with a side of chips. The chips were actually really good. Seasoned with oregano they were just the right amount of crispy. The waiter told us that they are made with potatoes from Avgorou, a village not too far away.

Rest2The recommended goats cheese salad looked extremely appetizing! It had both fig and poached pear in it, making it a little too sweet for my dining partner but I suppose that is just a matter of preference. Unfortunately, it seemed as though the leaves of the salad had not been dried properly as the dressing had been washed to the bottom of the bowl and was watery which made the leaves at the bottom go a little soggy.

Needless to say, after our experience with the food, we opted to not order a dessert.

Siko Seaside wasn’t too expensive, it was more or less what you would expect to pay at a beachside restaurant at a popular beach. This being said, I don’t think I will be in a rush to go again. With only a few small changes to the ingredients, it could have actually been a very satisfying lunch! The setting and the chips were great but the main dishes leave much to be desired.



SPECIALTY International

WHERE Siko Seaside, Dimitri Lagiou 7, Protaras, Paralimni

WHEN 12pm-12am

CONTACT 97 370610

HOW MUCH Steak sandwich €12.50, Goats cheese salad, €10.90

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