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How to make a good student business card?

How To Make A Good Student Business Card

Many people do not understand why students need business cards. After all, most of them have no company or professional experience to boast of. And in general, are business cards not outdated now? We live in a digitalized world where people can share contacts using electronic means.

Statistics showed that business cards still remain a sign of prestige and professionalism. They are in great demand not only among experienced business people but also among novice specialists. It is convenient to have a paper card with the most important information at hand. As it has a small size, keeping it in a wallet or a datebook brings no inconveniences.

Therefore, if you want to succeed in the labor market, it is worth thinking about designing your business card in the best way possible. Even persons without a professional background can find a format that will reflect their personal qualities and attract attention of potential employers. The tips below should simplify your creative search.

Do not underestimate business cards

Of course, a business card of a top manager or a senior accountant from a large corporation looks much more impressive than a business card of an undergraduate who did not work a day in one’s life. That is why many young people feel embarrassed and decide not to use business cards at all, underestimate their accomplishments and think that it is ridiculous for them to stand in a line with experienced entrepreneurs.

It is the wrong approach. If you want to become a successful person, you should behave like a successful person. Use online paper writing service, if necessary. Employees will see that you are a promising young professional able to reach great heights under their guidance. Most companies hesitate to hire students because they are not sure that candidates are responsible, ready to work full-time in an office, fulfill their duties conscientiously and find a common language with more mature colleagues.

By using a business card, you will show that you already know how the adult world is arranged, an employer will not have to spend a month to acquaint you with business basics, and you will contribute to the company’s growth and development since the first day in an office. It is a good way to stand out on the background of peers who may seem way too thoughtless and not ready for a serious position.

Interviewers are sure to remember you because there are not many students using business cards today. Employers spend much time to understand who suits their vacancies best, compare personal qualities and practical skills, ask dozens of questions. But a duly formatted business card can give answers to most of these questions, become a sign which will point at you and show that you are exactly a person a company needs.
If an HR manager has 5 interviews and all candidates are approximately at the same level, one will call you just because your business card was laying on one’s table. You will make the HR manager’s life easier and will be rewarded for it. Therefore, it is definitely worth using a business card and writing only truth on it.

What should a student indicate on a business card?

Even if you do not have your own oil refining company, a modest inscription “Business student” also can bring benefits. Add contact data: phone number, e-mail, the educational institution you study at, major.
Students often cannot decide whether they should use links to social networks. It all depends on the content you publish there. It is definitely worth indicating LinkedIn profile URL. Also, business people often read news and search for clients on Twitter. Therefore, you can provide a Twitter link if your profile has a professional, simple username and no emotional, crazy tweets which have nothing to do with business. As Facebook and Instagram are often used for communication with friends and relatives, it is worth not indicating them on a business card.

Personalized design

A business card should not only provide information on how to reach you but also explain what kind of person you are. As you do not have a company, it is worth creating an original brand for yourself, advertising the personal qualities, skills, and knowledge you want to sell to an employer. When looking at a business card a day after an interview, a potential boss should recall impression you made, features that showed you as a creative specialist able to think outside the box.

You can play with fonts, add some pictures on a background. For example, if you asserted yourself as a fearless person ready to take risks, an image of a lion will emphasize these qualities. Also, you can add some famous businessman’s quote or your motto on the back. Your creative opportunities are practically unlimited. But do not overdo it. After all, you want to create subtle, official business cards and not flyers distributed on streets.
If you cannot come up with an original design, use a university emblem. So you will show pride for your alma mater, which will give an employer reasons to believe that you will be also loyal to a company.
We hope that the above tips turned out to be useful. Also, do not forget that you need an impressive resume to attract recruiters’ attention. Approach compiling it responsibly, then you are sure to succeed!

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