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Top 5 degrees to get online

Online Education
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Nowadays, technological advancement allows us to study and work from home. Although this possibility may not sound appealing to the generation of our parents who spent years on campus, online education has some advantages.

Reasons to choose online education

One of the most pleasant advantages of online degrees is that you can get one from a prestigious university at a much lower cost, not to mention that you don’t need to relocate. This also saves you a considerable amount of time for a job and family. If the lack of time is your main concern, you can always seek professional help at to enhance your academic performance. Tuition fees are considerably lower as compared to traditional education, which enlarges the circle of options for a future student. Hence, education becomes more accessible, requiring just a laptop and stable internet access. Learning tools are more accessible with the online-based approach giving wider opportunities for professors as well.

Introvert Paradise
Educators often state that the modern generation of texters, emailers, and social media posters, are perfectly suited to online education as they were born with smartphones in their hands. In this way, even those students who do not feel comfortable speaking up in front of a group find it easier to express their thoughts in a collaborative online-based environment.

Some people still say that online education might have some advantages, but it is no replacement for in-class learning because it cuts human interaction. This is actually a common misconception. Modern tools of online education are based on a collaborative approach ensuring constant interaction. Educators working online have concluded that the methods permitting learning from classmates results in everyone learning more. Sitting alone in your room while studying does not mean all you do is read alone. In fact, there are group assignments and projects which help to improve soft skills and learning how to work in a team. As a bonus, you build a strong network of people interested in the same field of study, giving you work connections for the future.

The value of multicultural learning programs has already been proven on campus, giving students a unique opportunity to learn about the experience of people originating from various countries. Online education implies even more diversified groups.

Top 5 Online Degrees

Now that you are convinced that online-based education is as useful as, if not more so, than on-campus learning, you can choose your degree from our carefully compiled list.

1. Computer Science (CS)
The hi-tech market is evolving at the speed of light, requiring more and more specialists. The options are varied in this domain from software and hardware development to engineering and database management: all kinds of specialists are highly demanded. To illustrate an example, an average salary of Software Development Directors, 86% of whom majored in CompSci, is $157,000 in the US, according to the rating of Payscale.

2. Applied Mathematics or Math Foundations
Similar to Computer Science, mathematicians are in high demand due to their developed analytical thinking. After finishing the studies, they can continue in the high tech industry, growing their skills in development or data science, or become professors or analysts.

3. Business Administration and Management
This program provides you with a set of skills needed in the fields of finance and business. Workers competent in accounting, business laws, and administration are integral to any company, big or small. More than that, the Financial Manager was listed as one of the highest paid jobs in the US, according to Business Insider. The projected growth of the finance sector to 2026 is almost 19%.

4. Education
During the pandemic crisis, many old-fashioned educators faced considerable difficulties moving their teaching process online when governments imposed the lockdown. The undeniable benefit of an online degree in education is that you learn about tools and methods to work with students both in real life and remotely. The growth of this sector is lower than, for example, IT but it will still be valued in the future.

5. Nursing
Great news for those who are passionate about medicine: it is now possible to choose Nursing as an online degree. The curriculum online is as demanding as the one on campus, including anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and even clinical experiences under supervision. The healthcare sector and all of the others mentioned above are advancing from day to day due to the new inventions and approaches to improve the detection, diagnosis, and management of diseases. The advantage of online-based courses is that they are often more up-to-date in comparison with the traditional curriculum that takes more time and bureaucratic procedures to be updated. One may feel limited studying offline because of strict deadlines, while there is usually no time limit for the course to be terminated in online programs.

To sum it up, online education is worth considering since it is cost-effective and offers flexibility and an individual approach. Our top online degrees list proves that most high-paid sectors are now represented in online course platforms.

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